About True North

True North Car Hire is a leading car rental company in the Canadian domestic market. Over the years of our successful operation, we have developed a reputation as a reliable and professional partner offering the best car rental conditions to our customers.

Our mission is to provide reliable and comfortable cars for your travels in Canada. We understand how important the quality and reliability of transportation is during a trip, so we work only with trusted partners and keep our fleet in excellent condition.

Our team consists of professionals who are dedicated to providing you with quality vehicles and a high level of service. We are always ready to help you with the choice of a car, answer your questions and provide you with convenient rental conditions.

We are proud of our customers and their satisfaction is our top priority. We understand that every trip should be memorable, so we work hard to provide you with the best car rental experience in Canada.

Join our wide base of satisfied customers and trust us with your next trip. We guarantee that with True North Car Hire, your trip will be safe, comfortable, and memorable.


popular cars


Aurora is an elegant and prestigious car brand that combines luxurious design and advanced technology. Each Aurora model impresses with its luxurious interior, powerful engines and advanced safety systems. You will get unsurpassed comfort and pleasure from every trip.

Price: 60$ per day


Horizon is a dynamic and stylish car brand that offers efficiency and sporty character in one. Every Horizon model is equipped with advanced fuel-saving technologies and powerful engines that deliver speed and a smooth ride. You get a combination of comfort, style and efficiency.

Price: 50$ per day


Cascade is a reliable and spacious car brand that offers comfort and safety for the whole family. Each Cascade model has a spacious and comfortable interior, advanced safety systems and ergonomic solutions for maximum convenience. You will get a reliable and comfortable car for traveling with family or friends.

Price: 40$ per day


Nova is a car brand that is known for its reliability, economy and ease of use. Each Nova model offers efficient engines and functional design, making them ideal for everyday use and city driving. You get a reliable car at an affordable price.

Price: 35$ per day


Pacifica is a luxury car brand that combines elegant design with premium materials. Each Pacifica model offers a luxurious interior with high-quality materials, advanced entertainment and safety technologies, and powerful engines. You'll enjoy unrivaled comfort and an exclusive driving experience.

Price: 80$ per day

Cascade Eco

Cascade Eco is an environmentally-oriented vehicle brand that offers a combination of environmental friendliness and economy. Each Cascade Eco model is equipped with an electric or hybrid drive to reduce emissions and save fuel. You will get an environmentally friendly car that will help save the environment.

Price: 75$ per day

Frequently asked questions

What is the procedure for booking a car? Booking a car with True North Car Hire is a quick and easy process. You can book a car online on our website by specifying your rental dates and preferred car model. After that, you will be sent a booking confirmation and your car will be ready for pickup at the specified time and place.

What are the requirements for renting a car? To rent a car from True North Car Hire, you need to have a valid driver's license, be over 21 years old (for some categories of cars, the age may be higher) and have a credit card to secure a deposit. You must also have a sufficient driving experience. Detailed requirements can be found on our website or you can ask our support team.

Is it possible to return the car to another location? Yes, we offer the possibility of returning the car to another location. We have a network of car rental locations across Canada and you can arrange to return your car at any location that is convenient for you. However, this may be subject to additional fees. Please contact our customer service team to arrange the details of returning your car to another location.

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Phone nummber: (031) 222-3399

E-mail: info@TrueNorth.com

Address: Calgary city, Street Mounth, 22